Permits & Applications

This section of the website is intended to provide you access to application forms and information you may need to access Township permits from the convenience of your home or office.

With a text reader such as Adobe Reader (a free basic reader available online at:, you can open any of the documents, print and complete them at home, then mail them to the Township with any applicable fees, without ever having to make a trip into the office. As always, call us with any questions.

Zoning Permit
You will require a ZONING PERMIT for all new structures and those that change in dimension due to renovation. The Zoning Officer will assess that the placement of the property is appropriate for the setback requirements and that the use of the structure is appropriate for your particular district, as well as assuring conformance to other relevant zoning ordinance regulations. Fees for principal or accessory structures are calculated based on the square footage of the project (see fee schedule at end of Zoning Permit Application Form). Scroll down for printable application. 

Sign Permit
All new signs or signs revised in dimension must secure a SIGN PERMIT. Complete the sections of the permit relevant to signs. Fees are calculated based on type of sign (see fee schedule following Sign Permit Application Form). 

Change of Use or Occupancy Permit

Change of Use or Occupancy Permits are required for any change of use in a commercial property.  They are also required for short-term uses such as kiosks and food stands at a mall. All change of use or occupancy permits are subject to a $50 fee. 

Sewer Permit
For public sewer hook-ons, you will first need to secure an EDU (the term for the sewer plant capacity reserve for your unit) from the Hemlock Municipal Sewer Co-Op (a non-profit, non-governmental unit) at 570-387-9632 or a private owner with surplus EDUs. 
For on-lot systems, contact Columbia County Sanitary Inspections at 570-784-9171.

You will be required to have an approved Sewer Permit (whether on-lot or public), prior to issuance of a Zoning Permit.

Well Permit
You must secure a WELL PERMIT for all on-lot water systems. Well permits and inspections are handled by Columbia County Sanitary Inspections at 570-784-9171.

Driveway Permit
You must secure a DRIVEWAY PERMIT with the Township for all non-state roadways. This permit assesses the conditions at which you wish to enter the roadway, such as slope and width. Scroll down for printable application. 

For driveways which will exit onto a State Road, contact PENNDOT for a Highway Occupancy Permit. Proof of approval will be required prior to the issuance of a Zoning Permit.

Building Permits
Hemlock Township participates in a local Building Inspection Service (located in Montour Township) that is administered by the Tri-County Council of Governments (of which Hemlock Township is a member) for your convenience and to provide you the fastest service and best cost possible for building permits and inspections. As of July 1, 2004, the state mandated that all new structures and some renovations/additions must adhere to the International Building Codes.

Contact the Tri-County COG-IBC Inspection Service (Stephen Bielskie, Administrator), at 784-8654 (or toll-free at 866-784-8654) for information and applications. You must provide proof of a valid Township Zoning Permit with your application.

Zoning-Related Hearing Application
This application is used to request a hearing for consideration for zoning variances, special exceptions, conditional uses, and appeals of zoning officer decisions, etc. Before completing an application, first consult with the Township Zoning and Enforcement Officer with specific questions about the applicability of your individual situation. 

All Permits & Applications

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Amusement Device Tax LicenseApplication1/4/2024100.37 KBDownload
Citizens Concern FormApplication3/24/201632.37 KBDownload
Fireworks ApplicationApplication1/4/2024139.48 KBDownload
Junk Yard ApplicationApplication1/4/202488.76 KBDownload
Junk Yard Renewal ApplicationApplication1/4/202496.24 KBDownload
Lock Box ApplicationApplication1/4/202450.01 KBDownload
Right To Know ApplicationApplication12/3/201884.70 KBDownload
SALDO ApplicationApplication1/4/2024168.40 KBDownload
Seasonal Housing PermitApplication1/4/202459.99 KBDownload
Student HousingApplication1/4/202447.01 KBDownload
Student Housing Occupant PermitApplication1/4/202446.31 KBDownload
Tempoary PermitApplication1/4/202429.27 KBDownload
TENT SALE APPLICATIONApplication1/4/202431.23 KBDownload
Zoning Hearing ApplicationApplication1/4/2024247.65 KBDownload
2024 Zoning-Saldo Fee Schedule Fee Schedule1/2/2024335.42 KBDownload
Change of Use or Occupancy PermitPermit1/4/2024159.59 KBDownload
Demolition PermitPermit1/4/2024182.63 KBDownload
Driveway PermitPermit1/4/2024116.82 KBDownload
Food Truck PermitPermit1/4/2024125.34 KBDownload
Kiosk PermitPermit1/4/202428.94 KBDownload
Peddlers PermitPermit2/6/2024132.74 KBDownload
Sewer PermitPermit1/4/2024186.94 KBDownload
Sign PermitPermit1/4/2024130.87 KBDownload
ZONING PERMIT Permit1/4/2024257.57 KBDownload