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Walmart Parking - Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Property owners in Hemlock Township, and any other municipality throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, may post their property to not allow specific vehicles to park.  In Walmart’s case, they have elected to post their parking lot to not allow trucks to park as they have had numerous occasions where trucks have damaged their property, including concrete stop sign posts, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage.  Walmart then contacted the Hemlock Township Police to enforce said signs.  There are no time limits that trucks are allowed to park and officers regularly patrol the area ticketing violators.

 Hemlock Township Police, as a courtesy, issue $25.00 parking tickets to vehicles who violate Section 3353 (A,3,ii) of the Vehicle Code of Pennsylvania titled Prohibitions in Specified Places; No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle at any place where official signs prohibit parking.  A thirty-day grace period is allowed for the owner to respond to the parking ticket otherwise a traffic citation is filed with the Magisterial District Judge and the fines and costs total $124.50.


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In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic the recycling pickup has been cancelled for the month of April.

The next scheduled pickup date is May 2, 2020.  


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pennsylvania Overview


Due to the COVID-19 Virus the Hemlock Township

April meeting will be held  by teleconference. 

If you are interested in attending the meeting please

contact the township secretary at 570-784-6178 for details.


Jeffrey R. Sutton

Township Manager




With the growing concerns over the COVID-19 Virus the township has made the decision to limit public access to the township office. 

If you have business to conduct please call the office at 570-784-6178 or email our manager at, sutton@hemlocktownship.org. 

This policy will remain in effect until further notice.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 






Your Response Matters

The U.S. Constitution requires a census of all residents in the entire country every 10 years. The census counts every person living in the U.S. once (and only once) in the right place. You are counted based on where you are living on April 1, 2020. 

Everyone Counts

You might be living in an apartment, house, group housing situation (like a dorm or nursing home).  You might be experiencing homelessness. Regardless of your living situation, you count as a Pennsylvanian. It also doesn’t matter what your citizenship status is, how old you are, or your gender. If you live here, you matter to us and the census. 

Fair Representation

Neighborhoods change over time. The census makes note of these demographic changes and reports the statistics. This information is then used to determine how many seats each state gets  in the U.S. House of Representatives. Pennsylvania currently has 18 Congressional representatives. We used to have 19 but lost a seat after the 2010 Census. Additionally, state officials use the statistics produced by the decennial census to redraw U.S. congressional and state legislative districts. 

Federal Spending & Programs

Census data are used to decide how $675 billion in federal public funding is spent every year. Pennsylvania gets $26.8 billion annually through our 16 largest federally-funded programs. 

That’s about $2,000 per Pennsylvanian each year. These numbers may change based on our 2020 Census data. Federal funding supports many important programs and services for Pennsylvanians, including in healthcare, food security, education, transportation, housing, community development, support for families, and more. 


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Library Privileges
Did You Know?...As a resident of Hemlock Township, you are entitled to free library privileges at the Bloomsburg Public Library! read more ...

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Hemlock Township can process payments for Parking Tickets and Accident Reports online via Jet Pay Payment Services. No parking signs are erected by each business and under Section 6133 of the PA Vehicle code permits local authorities to enforce parking regulations.   [more]